What is around Pine Side Resort?

  • Ross Coastal Plain Marsh Nature Preserve boarders Pine Side.

  • Two public Lake Michigan beaches close by for viewing sunsets, walking, and swimming.

Can we have motorboats and other power watercraft?

  • To reduce noise and increase water safety, gasoline powered watercraft are not allowed.

  • However, Battery powered trolling motors are O.K.  You can also use small row boats, sailboats, canoes, kayaks, and other self powered craft.

Lakes or Ponds?

  • This is a matter of personal opinion.  If you are used to larger lakes around Southwest Michigan such as Indian Lake, Cable Lake, etc… you may consider them to be small ponds.  However, if you are used to small ponds you may consider them to be small lakes.

Can I choose my own plan/design?

  • YES! As long as it has log style siding, the inside is up to your imagination.

Can I hire my own builder?

  • Yes, association approval is required to assure quality, appeal and value.

Can I start building when I am ready?

  • Yes, you can take your time to make sure every aspect of your home is exactly as you like it.  However, once you purchase the unit, you will be responsible for the association dues for that unit at a reduced rate, full assessments are not applied until your home is built.

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